Ipoh Convention Center achieve landmark audio quality in Perak with Audiocenter

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Ipoh Convention Center is one of the important project by the Perak State Government to place Perak as one of the ideal locations in Malaysia to hold meetings, conventions and exhibitions. “It is also set to be one of the city’s landmarks as it is situated within close proximity to others hotels, shopping malls and more.” said Chief Minister of Perak, Dr Zambry Abd Kadir.

The completed Ipoh Convention Center boast a 2880 sq m and able to accommodate 2500 people. With such high profile and high stake project, Theater Stage Lighting and AV Electronics Marketing was tasked to design an audio system which suit the scale of the grand vision of Perak Governments.

The audio design was proposed from before the construction of the building started and it was custom designed to fit perfectly for the given hall shape and venue and able to perform a massive concert scale event in the convention center. Audiocenter KLA-28 Line Array element has proven from time to time to be the best audio equipment for the job as in past this model has constantly impresses in different kind of installations and touring jobs. A total of 16 units of 128 dB Max SPL KLA-28 are fitted in L-R configuration. On bottom end, 4 units of the flagship subwoofer of Audiocenter, 2400-Watt SW218 was placed on the side-front of the stage.  

The array positioning and angle was simulated via Ease Focus 3 to ensure best coverage and most even sound quality towards every corners within the convention hall. The system equalization and phase alignment are done by AVEM’s audio engineer Mr JC Lai using Smaart 8 measurement system.