Simple PA Sound System for Classroom and Cafe


Simple PA Sound System for Classroom and Cafe

Consist of the following item

  1. MQ16USB x 1 unit
  2. LT12A x 2 units
  3. Custom length Signal Cable x 2

Italian brand Proel recommends this setup for simple venue such as classroom, cafe and small meeting room. This is the best option as this provide the simplest way to operate the system, provide extremely clear and detail sound quality which Proel well known for, Hi-Fi"ish" quality.
This system consists of a mixer MQ16USB where it combines all inputs signal such as laptop, DVD player, microphone and output them to the speaker LT12A. The speaker come in pair to form a stereo pair.
The performance straight of the  box is overwhelmingly good and minimal sound tweaking is required. Only things you need to do is the reduce or increase the volume of the individual input sources as you need. This will be the best PA Sound System for classroom can Cafe.