AV Electronics Marketing Sdn Bhd is now Music Tribe’s Super Partner


AV Electronics Marketing Sdn Bhd (AVEM) is now the Super Partner for Music Tribe’s brands and products in Malaysia. This new status as Super Partner bring this long standing relationship to new higher level, bringing both AVEM and Music Tribe closer to our customers which are you. Music Tribe’s direction is set to change the game in Pro Audio and Musical Instrument industry by moving closer to their customers, servicing the customers need directly faster and more efficiently in a factory direct manner through super partners.

AVEM as a super partner will serve the retail customers the entire the retail brands and products of Music Tribe through their E-Commerce and online channel in term of sales and marketing activity.

This close collaboration between Music Tribe and AVEM will enable whole innovation and co-marketing in term of learning education and knowledge sharing among customers.

This transformation is made possible by customers now being more knowledgeable and having wider access to vast information sources via various channels on the web. Together with Music Tribe, AVEM move to come closer to our customer via E-Commerce platform and various social media and information media channel compliment to this latest trend.

AVEM now has full presence in various platforms and channels on the web to bring this new customer experience to everyone.

You can find us in E-Commerce platform. We have our own webstore at store.avem.com.my. You can also find us Lazada and Shopee. In social media, you can find us in Facebook, Instagram and Telegram under the name of AV Electronics Marketing. And information media, you can find us in Youtube.

But if you want to come meet us face to face, we have our own building with a complete showroom inside. So, come to our building, come to our office, come to our showroom and sample our products.

Among the Music Tribe retail brandd and productd range carried by AVEM as super partner are Behringer, Turbosound, Midas, Klark Teknik, Lab.Gruppen, and new one are TC Electronic, TC Helicon, Tannoy, Bugera and Auratone. See you online.