A New Chapter For AVEM With Topp Pro Music Gear

Written by Eric Chee

Since its incorporation in 1997, AV Electronics Marketing Sdn Bhd has focused on distributing professional audio equipment and we have provided various audio solutions to countless venues, events and clients in Malaysia. Over the years, we have been designing and providing these audio systems and solutions with brands such as Cerwin Vega, Crest Audio, Artech, XTA, Carvin, STK, Drawmer, Eminence, FBT EAW, Beyerdynamic, Allen & Heath, Electro Voice, Proel & Axiom. In recent years we are still distributing BMB, Behringer, Turbosound, Tannoy, Klark Teknik, Lake, Lab.Gruppen, Audiocenter, IVA, Emix & DSPPA.

No matter what model, product or brand, AVEM always strives to deliver the best solutions and products to clients. We believe in objective and value based propositions. Our objective is to solve our clients’ problems in the most efficient and valuable ways. With extensive product and technical expertise and experience, we are able to give more value and performance with a lower investment factor for clients.

AVEM’s business philosophy has always enabled us to be at the forefront of the Malaysian professional audio industry. Applying this business philosophy are our team of very knowledgeable and experienced staff, which are an essential factor in giving our clients the best products and services, as proven over the years. These are the familiar faces that have been representing AVEM in the professional audio industry for years: CP Lim, TK Wong, Lim Hock Soon, Phang, Chuang, CT Lim, Sham, Clyff, Chean, Pen, Bejaya, Kenneth, TS Wong, Eric or even me, Andy. Members of our industry know them very well. We are sure you know them personally.

We have now arrived at the next chapter of our business. In 2022, AVEM will add another reputable professional audio brand to our portfolio. TOPP PRO. With this new addition, we will widen our selection of products and systems, and offer more flexible and better audio solutions to our clients. Originating from Taiwan, the global powerhouse of semiconductor manufacturing, Topp Pro is highly recommended by AVEM and its team for any professional audio solutions for various applications, such as houses of worship, education centres, halls and auditoriums, entertainment venues, live events, conference venues and any other type of application that requires high quality and performance audio systems.

Contact AVEM today for the top of the professional products, Topp Pro.