10 reasons why you should buy Midas M32 over Behringer WING



These will give you 10 reasons why you should buy Midas M32 over Behringer WING. If you prefer Behinger WING over M32, we have another article for you, giving you 10 reasons to justify choosing WING over M32. Click the link here.

So let’s continue and focus on the strength of Midas M32 that make your purchase worth.

No 1 reason: Midas is a better choice for now the matured product. The M32 has been in the market for almost 8 years and has undergone numerous firmware updates. The high number of hours count of the console in touring shows and concerts signify the stability of the product. This board has been fully optimized for its workflow, features and capabilities. WING on the other hand, it relative new and there are bugs to be ironed out.

Second reason to own a Midas M32 is the fully integrated IO built-in. The M32 is a 32 channel inputs and 16 outputs console and all these physical IO are available at the rear of the console. In short, to enjoy the full capability of the console, there is no need to purchase additional stage boxes. The initial investment will be much lower. WING on the other hand has limited IO on board and to fully utilize the full capacity, stage boxes are needed.

Third reason to own a M32 over WING is the dedicated knobs and buttons built-in on the board. For fast tweaking and parameter changes, more physical knobs/buttons means faster operation. WING do have knobs and buttons but it is universally shared between different parameters. It will depend closely to what is shown at the screen.

Fourth reason will be the Midas PRO Series 1 Million Life Cycle Motorised 100mm. Midas took great length to study material science to design the most durable fader motor. The million cycle fader is 3 times more durable than any other console in the world. And it is installed in every fader’s of the M32.

Reason no 5 will be the longer layer available on the M32. M32 has a 16 faders in single layer while WING has 12 faders in single layer. M32 need 2 layers to access to full 32 channels while WING need 4 layers to access 48 channels. Simply said, the M32 has easier to have full glance of the system channels and outputs.

No 6. Dedicated FX Return. The M32 come with 8 dedicated FX return ready out of the box. This ensure very fast send and return FX operation. The good things about dedicated is that it does not eat up your input channel. Although WING employ modern mixing that provide alternative way of sending FX to outputs, some may still prefer the old way of FX return. WING can do it by using one input channel assigned as FX return. This unfortunately will take up one of your input channel.

Another reason that should make you confident in M32 is the outlook design is designed by renowned designer of Bentley. The ultramodern yet classic outlook is pleasing to the eyes, nice looking console and easy to navigate operations. That’s a big contrast compare to the vintage and retro look of the WING.

Your eighth reason to purchase M32 will be the extravagant 10 years warranty* provided by Midas. That is a very long period of warranty provided! You can have a peace in mind for a very long period of time. WING meanwhile only provides 1 year warranty*

For the ninth reason, Midas M32 utilize audiophile Cirrus Logic multichannel 192 kHz capable ADC and DAC converter with 114 dB dynamic range. These converter produces low distortion and low noise performance. This also means very good audio reproduction.

The final reason that you should own a Midas M32 is the brand itself. Midas has been in the top end pro audio market for over 40 years. It has been used by countless world tours by greatest artists and the most prestigious events. Behringer WING benefits by many Midas technology due to the technology transfer within Music Tribe brands. One most obvious indicator of this tech transfer is the presence of Midas preamp in the WING. The Midas brand is second to none in digital mixing console.

Well, that is all for the 10 reasons why you should buy Midas M32 over Behringer WING. You can make your purchase by contacting us here.

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*term and condition applies