TA-8303, TA-8306, TA-8310 Intelligent Network Power Amplifier

TA-8303 / TA-8306 / TA-8310


The Audio Power Amplifier shall be a fully transistors type, convection cooled and provided with an integrated output transformer designed for constant voltage system. It shall deliver power of up to 350W/650W/1000Wrms at 100V with solid-state DC fuse protection. It shall operate main supply of 240Vac, as well as 24Vdc emergency battery supplies. It shall have 1 input with adjustable gain and muting level. The input signals level shall be 0dB and balanced.

  • LCD indication display

  • Soft touch button master volume control
  • 100V/ 70V/ 4~16ohm output
  • RCA and XLR Sockets for easy connection
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Over-current protection
  • Over-load warning protection
  • Over-heat warning
  • Distortion warning available
  • Network PC control