TA-8021 Amplifier Auto Switcher



The Amplifier Auto Switcher has been designed for amplifier surveillance unit with standby amplifier switching. The automatic changeover unit shall switch the loudspeaker line from a faulty power amplifier to a standby power amplifier upon receiving a dry contact closure signal from the external amplifier failure detection module located at the power amplifier. The changeover shall also result in the switching of the balanced source input (Positive and Negative) and the priority activation signal input. Upon detecting a fault, LED shall indicate the faulty amplifier and triggers an alarm buzzer. A buzzer deactivation switch shall be located at the front panel. The amplifier changeover unit shall be able to be linked to other units if there are more than 4 power amplifiers to be backed up by one unit of standby power amplifier.

  • 4 Duty / 1 Standby Amplifiers ( TA-83xx Series)
  • Automatic switch while fault
  • Status display
  • Network PC control