TA-8019 Alarm Matrix Interface



The Alarm Matrix Interface is an intelligent interface between PA system and Fire Alarm Survey Center. The matrix automatically activates emergency broadcasting while alarm. The alarm matrix interface can accommodate 30 Alarm inputs and is extendable up to 120 alarm inputs. The unit is programmable for valid alarm level setting and for more adjacent areas activating simultaneously. The front panel will indicate all activation status including Host and Slave 1, 2 and 3 for respective panel if the unit is in a link. A full alarm key is provided on the front panel to activate all output terminals immediately regardless of the inputs. The alarm matrix interface is able to be remotely configuration/control/ monitor/diagnose by PC and capable for a system link-up via data port at rear panel.


  • Intelligent interface for fire alarm
  • 30 channels, up to 120 channels extendible
  • Automatic activation with neighboring channels
  • Programmable
  • Network PC control