TA-8018 Telephone Interface Control



The Telephone Interface Control is equipped with micro computer chip control and light-touch keys. This unit will pick up, hold on a phone call and send out an activating signal automatically while it comes in and also hang up automatically when the phone call ended. The telephone conference is possible by adding in more than 1 microphone to the preamplifier. More than 1 person can speak to the other end at the same time while a phone-call holding on. There is a monitor speaker built-in inside for audio monitoring. The adjusting volume monitor is available on front panel. The interfacing also come with password function. A correct password is needed before the phone call can get through. The telephone interface is able to be remotely configuration/control/monitor/diagnose by PC and is capable for a system link-up via data port at rear panel.


  • Microprocessor based control, soft touch button
  • Automatic phone call transfer
  • Telephone conference function available
  • Connection using password
  • Network PC control