TA-8017 Digital Message Program Player



The Digital Message Program Player is able to play music files as well as pre-recorded messages. It is able to store and play multiple messages or total 45 minutes of messages. The LCD with backlight display provides clear information about the status of the unit and also error notifications. A jog-Dial Control is provided with graphic interfaces and multi-level menu for use of adjustment. The unit is 19" rack mountable. The program player is provided 2 record MIC inputs, 1 record input and dual stereo output. The playback of pre-recorded files with controlled and scheduled by connecting the unit to the programmable timer via data link port.


  • Microprocessor chip control, soft touch button
  • LCD display, Chinese menu
  • Shuttle/jog button, direct select program
  • 2 Mic input, 1 line input, 2 way output
  • PC Remote control or timer control
  • Network PC control