TA-8005 Remote Router



The Remote Router is basically a communication interface unit between TA-8000 series Network Public Address System and Local PC. It has one RS232 port, RS-485 port and LAN 10M. Typically, one RS232 port or LAN 10M is connected to the central PC for a single PC configuration or to a gateway PC for a larger network of PCs. The other RS-485 or Cat-5 port is used to connect to the Network Public Address System.

Able to link the Public Address system with PC, the TA-8000 series is a viable solution for any PC integration. It allows a system operator to gain centralize Public Address operation and management via LAN by utilizing the software, ‘Emulator’. Our ‘Emulator’ software emulates the exact exterior outlook and working condition of each device in the Public Address system in order to acquire the genuine interface to user.


  • Network control function of the PC peripheral
  • Network through the LAN or Internet
  • LED status indication
  • RS232 interface with computer
  • Connect up to 127 equipments
  • Single U, 19" EIA standard rack moutable