TA-8014 Weekly Programmable Timer



The Program Timer provides 6 output channels to facilitate activation for external equipment. Its use of Jog-Dial control, graphical interfaces and multi-level menu for user adjustment, makes a really easy access device without the complexity of personal knowledge. The unit allows one week programming (Sunday-Saturday) while channel and day assignment may be linked. The time format is 24 hours. When in VACATION mode, this setting disables operation of the unit while retaining all the settings. The memory state is resumed after power failure.
The rear panel is provided with data link ports for remotely configuration / control / monitor /diagnose by PC. The unit is able to activate TA-8006, TA-8007, TA-8008, TA-8009, TA-8013, TA-8003 and TA-8017.


  • Microprocessor based control, soft touch button
  • LCD display, English menu
  • Can control external CD/Radio/ Cassette player etc