TA-8009 Matrix Control



Matrix Control accommodates up to 1 Alarm input, 1 Remote input, 8 audio inputs and 8 audio outputs. It switch’s to Alarm input automatically while alarming and shall rebound automatically after the alarm. On the front panel the matrix equipped with a display screen with output level indications, input channel indications, MIC volume control and input jack. The channel programming can be set by Navigation keys and Enter keys. The Matrix Control is linkable to incorporate with Programmable Timer, Alarm Matrix and Alarm Active Speaker Selector panels. It is capable to run time-lapse after connecting the remote input and the corresponding equipment by cable. The matrix control can be remotely configured, controlled, monitored, diagnosed by PC and capable for its system link-up via data port at rear panel.


  • Microprocessor based control, soft touch button
  • 8 channel inputs, 8 channel outputs, switch freely and without interference from each other
  • Memory function
  • LED display
  • Network PC control and timer control