TA-8011 Pre. Amplifier Mixer



The Pre amplifier Mixer is equipped with 12 inputs, which are 3 unbalance MIC inputs, 3 imbalance Aux inputs, 2 balance Aux inputs, 2 priority inputs and 4 outputs. The front panel provide light touch button for ease of operation. Volume control, bass and treble tone controls are available for individual control. A display screens are provided at front panel for each input or output signal level, all working status are clear at a glance. The unit is ready with chime light touch button in order to precede the chime tone. The pre amplifier can be remotely configuration/control/monitor/diagnose by PC and capable for its system link-up via data port at rear panel.


  • Microprocessor based control, soft touch button
  • 12 inputs, 1 Output
  • Individual volume control, master tone control
  • LED display for each input/output signal level
  • Chime and mute function
  • Network PC control