TA-8003 Alarm Active Speaker Selector



The Alarm Active Speaker Selector is intended for the matrix routing of paging/ announcement to selected loudspeaker zones in various section of a building. This gives flexibility of application in four (4) channels of uninterrupted Back Ground Music (BGM) mode of a Public Address System and one channel of emergency broadcasting.

A single 10 Zone standard unit is can cascade up to 50 Zone together and simultaneously activated. The display screen provides as alarm indicator, input indicator and output indicator. Alarm input at the back panel of the unit can be connected to the fire alarm center.

The Alarm Active Speaker Selector is capable for system link-up via data port at rear panel.

  • Microprocessor based control, soft touch button
  • 2 alarm logic setting available
  • Alarm/input/output LED peak level indicator
  • Network PC control
  • 4 inputs, 10 switchabke outputs
  • Fire function
  • Memory function