UF2C Digital wireless microphone

UF2C Series


IVA UF2C series is a new generation of digital wireless microphone, using digital modulation and high-performance audio ADC and DAC echnology, with very low latency audio encoder, to achieve high-fidelity audio transmission. Semi-U streamlined chassis design. It has a simple and stable circuit characteristics. Covering the UHF frequency bands, can transmit stable audio carrier signal over 20 m visual range, encrypted transmission decoding circuit, completely shielded external RF interference. Highly cost-effective products in the wireless audio transmission field, to provide customers with more selectivity.


  • Using UHF band, PLL phase lock circuit, stable characteristics, low harmonic radiation
  • Digital modulation, 32 encrypted digital audio transmission
  • Antenna diversity reception mode, effectively reducing the frequency of communications break phenomenon
  • Dual antenna diversity antenna circuit automatic selection information
  • 8-band audio EQ sound processor
  • Anti-whistle processing circuitry
  • Digital audio circuits very low latency (less than 3ms)
  • An audio processing circuit AGC limiter
  • Flat frequency response range of 50Hz-16KHz