TANNOY | CMS 603ICT BM | High Power 6.5

High Power 6.5" Dual Concentric Ceiling Speaker With Inductive Coupling Technology



  • Newly refined 165 mm (6.5”) ICT transducer for greater durability and longevity 
  • High power and high sensitivity with extended frequency response
  • Wide, controlled, constant directivity dispersion for optimum coverage 
  • Does not suffer from energy loss in the vertical plane at crossover as with two-way discrete designs 
  • Low insertion-loss, 60 W line transformer for a more powerful and dynamic performance 
  • Convenient front-tapping switch for settings 
  • Magnetically-adhering grille system for easy custom painting and optional Arco designer grilles for minimal architectural impact 
  • Four-clamp, self-aligning mounting system 
  • UV resistant baffle and grille
  • Packaged with classic grille, tile rails and C-ring for quick and easy installation and simple stocking logistics