RELACART | ASM-822 | ASM-822 Eight-channel Automatic Mixer

ASM-822 Eight-channel Automatic Mixer



Key Features
  • Eight automatic Mic/Line inputs, automatic gain adjustment by microprocessor control.
  • 15-unit daisy chain by accessory link cable to allow maximum 120 channels operation.
  • NOMA ”Number of Open Microphone Attenuated” helps control feedback.
  • 48V phantom power individually selectable for each channel, either line or microphone  output available.
  • LED shows working status and volume condition.
  • Any channel can be set to priority, when the “Chairman unit” is speaking, the other speaking units will be automatic attenuation.
  • An RS232 data port provides a connection point for a video camera tacking system.
  • The ASM-822automatic mixer is ideal for meetings, seminars, teleconferencing, house of worship services, broadcast and conference applications.


Power Supply

100V - 240V AC (20W)

Input Port (balanced)

1: GND,   2: +,  3: -

Output Port (balanced)

XLR-M: 1: GND,    2: +,  3: -

Input Impedance

Mic: 7.2k ohms Line: 11k ohms

Maximum Input Level(1KHz, 600 ohms)

 -40 dB

Nominal Input Level

 -52 dBv

Nominal Output Level

 +2 dBm

Maximum Gain (1KHz, 600 ohms)

Mic: >55dB,  Line: >40 dB

Frequency Response

Flat: 30Hz - 18kHz   Roff-off: (-12dB/oct) 180Hz

Output T.H.D

< 0.05%

Equivalent Input Response

< -110 dBV

Phantom Power Requirements

48V DC


2.48 kg


426mm X 225mm X 88mm (L X W X H)